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Publish your employee consultation document to a confidential website. Then use our hassle-free tools to manage a discussion with your people, respond to questions and identify the big themes. You’ll spend less time on administration and smooth the path to implementation.

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“Really inclusive and easy to use.”

Employee consultation made better

Improve change outcomes

The best results come from diverse perspectives and genuine dialogue. Employees gain a deeper understanding of your proposal. You get a better basis for decision-making, and increased commitment to change.

Reduce consultation effort

Use our administration and analysis tools to efficiently manage hundreds (and, yes, thousands) of comments, and quickly get to the heart of the discussion.

Keep it safe and secure

You decide who gets to see what. The consultation document is securely stored, discussions are moderated for civility and personal information is kept private.

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How it's being used

Leadership Structure

A large agency asked all it's people for comments on a proposal to make significant changes to their Leadership Team structure. The changes proposed the disestablishment of most positions reporting directly to the Chief Executive and the establishment new senior leadership positions.

Vaccination Policy

What Say You helped an agency have a constructive conversation about their proposed COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: Should all employees be fully vaccinated to continue in their roles? Must all employees be required to present their My Vaccine Pass in order to enter sites and offices?

Online Roadshow

An agency was re-designing their capability framework, and wanted to know what their people thought of the work so far. Initially they planned a national roadshow, but COVID-19 restrictions meant that they couldn’t meet in person. Instead, they used What Say You to describe their current thinking, answer questions and get suggestions.

“The support and advice provided was top notch.”
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All the tools you need

Years of practical experience have shaped our toolset

Keep the conversation safe

Administrators decide who gets to see which comments. Any disrespectful comments can be withheld to keep the conversation constructive and on-topic.

Address personal concerns

Participants can ask about how the change proposal might affect them personally. You can then have a private (unpublished) conversation to address their concerns safely.

Slice, dice and then export

Use the powerful reporting options to quickly slice and dice the comments any-which-way. View the reports on screen or export them to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Get to the heart of the discussion

Smart reporting automatically categorises comments, enabling you to quickly contrast the different perspectives at play.

See which proposals have the most support

The ratings bar-chart tool lets you drill down into your consultation document to find out which sections are supported, by whom.

Use tags to understand the themes

Comprehensive tagging tools help you build a big-picture view of the feedback themes.

And this only scrapes the surface of What Say You‘s functionality. Did we say that we also include free technical support plus advice on how to make your change process a success?

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